Smart Everything

September 07, 2016

Did you know that you can buy both a smart container for your eggs and a smart toothbrush to get stats on your brushing? We are about to start the next wave of products and services that integrate into our lives even more. It started with food and transportation, but the process is only going to get deeper and deeper.

The integrations can be something like a smart tooth brush or a smart mirror; there have been a number of post lately about some hackers putting raspberry pi into a smart mirror.

There is an episode of Black Mirror that shows a young man waking up to a full amount of data being processed at him during his morning routine. At the rate of increased innovation and technology developing, we will make all of this fiction become a reality.

We are also entering a time when it is almost an inconvenience to use a laptop or computer. If there are experiences you can’t achieve on your phone, there seems to be something broken. The phone is going to become the main hub of our lives. It is going to power future virtual reality apps and experiences.

John SiwickiWritten by John Siwicki who lives and works building interesting things. You should follow him on Twitter