My Library Card

June 23, 2015

My obsession for watch apps continues this week. I wanted to design something a little more in depth than my previous attempts and start to dive deeper into the Sketch. The idea behind this app is that it would search your local library for media and allow you to compile a list.

The first screen always you to do a voice search for media. After, thinking about it people talking in a library sounds like a bad idea. The next screen gives you the best result from your query along with a descriptor. Then you can add the book to your master list.

I thought it would be cool after a few searches you could let someone scan your app and be able to get a summary of all your items.

The goal of this was to try to think of a use case for a watch app that was a little more than just some notifications. There are a few things I would already change. But, the one thing is certain that the watch could be used to simplify the checkout process.

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