Thoughts on Apple Event

March 09, 2015

Apple announcements always seem to stir us up. Today, was a big one with the official release date for the Apple Watch. Also, a new retina Macbook with no fans and some next level trackpad that performances tricks.

  1. New MacBooks look amazing more worried about performance than ports.

  2. HBO Now exclusive is great news and will hopefully start a new trend.

  3. Research kit seemed really interesting but the presentation didn’t seem to do it justice.

  4. Watch has interesting features and some of the apps really caught my eye.

  5. The base $349 doesn’t excite me. $299 is an easier sell and makes it still feel premium over the other watches. I am sure we all said this about the iPad.

  6. There are like 20 different models which feels very unApple like

  7. I Don’t even understand the 10k model. Plus, wont this update every year?

  8. The target app demo sending you reminds of where items are. Could this thing tell me what aisle things are in the grocery store? This could save me a ton of time.

  9. The whole pantry and Evernote. Do I want this now? How does Apple seem to do this every time?

  10. If you buy the 24K gold one could I interview you?

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