Dreams Never End

On this day, each year I just mark the calendar with a single letter. The meaning behind it is still painful to remember. I remember that day so well and so vividly over the years. I don’t remember much about my time in high school or college anymore. But, I can close my eyes and remember that day second by second.

I can’t help myself and I think back to that day and that moment when we found out what happened. As, I get older the memories are starting to fade and I want to keep something with me. I have nothing else except for these moments.

What it really is this that I don’t want to ever forget. I don’t ever want to let them down. I just hope they would still be friends with future me.

My Secret Weapon In Budgeting

This week, my Square Cash app gave me the option to sign up for what they call the cash card. For those of you who have not used the cash out function before, it is basically a super simple way to send money to people. Recently, they introduced what they called a virtual debit card, and now they are going plastic.

Most people don’t want or credit cards — more bills, more things track, more things to monitor. One thing that I like about these prepaid debit cards is that they help a lot with budgeting. A few years ago, Google Wallet released its debit card. I used that card a lot. I allowed myself to use whatever was on it as money that I could do whatever I wanted with. It felt nice because Google allows you to auto deposit money each week or each month. When I got a paycheck, I would just deposit whatever I felt comfortable with that week. Google got rid of that product, however, and I haven’t been able to find a really great replacement.

The Square Cash card is free, so there’s no reason not to try one. If you don’t use the cash app, it’s really good way to get paid back others for stuff.

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Podcast Pick: Master Of Scale EP1

Masters of Scale first episode features Airbnb’s Brian Chesky. This episode felt like an amazing insight on how to build a product that people love and the thinking the methods that helped him grow the company in the early days. Brian talking about crafting what he calls an “11-star experience was one of those audio moments I wish I could snippet and achieve that for my next product launch.

June Challenge Launch: Automate

This morning, I realized I didn’t have any toothpaste. I ended up waiting in line for 15 minutes at the grocery store for just the toothpaste. The drive to the store was 10 minutes and I was probably browsing the store for about two minutes. It was a frustrating experience.

For June, I wanted to do see if I could pull off not going to a store. I want to see if I can automate all of my grocery shopping completely. The goal is to see how much money it would cost vs time. My goal is to see if there is a good correlation between the services delivery charges vs my time/energy in going to a store. I have been an Amazon Fresh user for a few months now but I want to see if I can use the service to its max and treat it more like a personal assistant.

The rules, I am going to use Amazon Fresh, Google Express or Jet.com to handle any of my shopping needs. The only exception is if there is an illness and I need to get to a drug store.

The goal is to see if I time/money/quality of the food that I eat.

30 Days Of Gratitude

Lately, I have been experimenting with new apps that change my thinking and change my behaviors. I was using something early in the year that was basically a “mood tracker.” You would just mark down if you were feeling positive or negative and it would also look at your social to see what type of stuff you would be posting and analyze that. It was cool to do for a few weeks but it was hard to see myself keeping up with something so granular like that.

The 5-minute journal is basically a simplified and guided journal. It is mention to be done twice a day with some simple prompts to help you get through the journal very quickly. The company who makes the app also makes this is a physical journal. But, when they finally released an Android app I dove all in.

I set the app to remind me to fill it out at 7 am and 10 pm. Those seem like the perfect times to start up the day and to wind down the day.

The first day I told myself that I have, to be honest with my answers no matter how silly or awkward they might seem. The self-censorship is high in a situation like that.

The thing that I noticed the first thing about the morning routine was that it immediately changed my way of thinking. The negative thoughts went away quickly and I started to think about the positive and embrace the positive.

Focusing, in on the positive stuff really does change your thinking in the morning and starts the day off on a positive note.