Sunday Podcast Roundup

This Week In Startups – E732: “The Syndicate”: 7 top startups across 7 verticals pitch to 20 world-class investors

If you want to invest or start building a company this is one of those videos to bookmark and save for later. This episode walks through seven companies pitching to a room of startups.

High Resolution #13: Microsoft Design Director, Kat Holmes

Microsoft is cool again. A great deep dive with their Design Director. If you don’t work in design. These talks will just inspire you and motivate you.

New Show Find


I first heard Jerry Colonna on the Startup podcast by Gimlet Media. I didn’t know that he had his own show. It is important to hear the highs and lows and Jerry

Nothing Is Free

Some of my favorite apps are the one the ones that help make your life better. Whether that is something to help you manage your diet, manage your schedule or even manage a relationship better. I have a collection of apps that I know just to make certain things that I struggle with or might not have the bandwidth for just a little easier.

Digit’s tagline is Save Money Without Thinking About It. Digit is a really neat app that looks at a checking account and analyzes your habits and will slowly move money aside for you into a savings account.

I signed up for digit according to my records somewhere around the summer of 2015. The app was free to use. I used the app in a few different ways as my checking accounts are very elaborate as I like to tinker with different savings plans. But, I have steadily used the app for almost two years. I have loved the result of the app so far. It was finding these little pockets to save extra money. It was truly working for a rainy day fund to me.

Over, those two years this was one of those apps that I become an evangelist. I sent out invites and I talked about its magic system and how it is getting me to save even more money.

Now, as we know there is never a truly “free” app. I figured there was a money making apparatus in there. Maybe, just keeping the revenue from the interest on savings.

Then, on April 11th, Digit users got this email with the subject line “Charging For Digit.”

Now, the funny thing about this announcement was that I got really pissed. I have been a user for two years for free, driven a ton of signups. Then out of nowhere, they are going to be charging? Plus, I was torn because I did see the value in the product and was making my life a little easier.

There was a line in the email that made calm down for a second. “Charging for Digit will allow us to support our service while making sure we always do what’s right for the customer.”

Was Digit approached an offer for some data sharing? Is the company just trying to be on the up and up get and the revenue that they need to continue to grow the product. I wish they intro a freemium model. I felt like I would have paid for more feature or something along those lines.

I respect the honesty but it the announcement felt like it came out of nowhere. Plus, it raises and interesting question for financial apps. How do you make money when your value add is helping me spend less money?

Why I Am Releasing A Podcast

There is a lot that makes me scared every day. I feel like an imposter most days. I feel like I am not worthy of the things that I am trying to create. But, I have been trying and I have been compelling ideas. I have been doing what I like to call creating in the shadows. Creating content and never showing it to anyway. It just sits on the shelf and slow fades away from my memory.

This month, I Have been going back to find those ideas and those things to share. There was a common theme in a lot of notes that I found. That I wanted to make a podcast and I had enough stories to do 10 episode run of this concept that I had written down. The date on my Evernote was 2014.

That made me oddly embarrassed. I like the idea enough to create and then do nothing about it. Storytelling is hard good storytelling is a craft and almost magic. But, I am going to craft this one episode and I am going to see how it goes. I am giving myself the permission to make and permission not to worry and have fun and of course a deadline.

Facebook Reality

I love when giant tech companies give keynotes. If they are streaming I tend to watch them and soak in the presentation. Facebook’s developer conference kicked off today and I watched with excitement to see all of the new announcements start to trickle in.

I was mostly interested in anything that they are doing with VR. Having Oculus in the portfolio there was bound to be a number of announcements. They announced “Facebook Spaces” spaces are there social VR app that allows you to do certain things with friends and you can interact with an avatar. But, there was a component of having people video call into these experiences with the messenger. In the demo, there was a panel with a person calling in from a phone and interacting with this avatar in this Virtual space.

Facebook being the advertising juggernaut watching this demo I couldn’t help but think of where the revenue would come in. The room could have sponsored panels or the room could be sponsored by “Mountain Dew” or a movie trailer could start to auto-play on a panel in the corner and be muted of course.

A number of people owning an oculus are going to be on the small side. But, this allows people with heads to bring people in to experience these new worlds. It is going to make people showcase the brand and the experiences. From, what I have seen with VR. I had to see it and use it and interact with it before I was completely bought in.

AR demos were shown off in some pieces. I think these are just going to be really just demos until we get their wearables. Being able to position data and manipulate the world with a wearable. Now, that is something I would want to play with.

Does It Deserve To Be Shared

This week I was struggling to ship a product out. But, I didn’t want to fall behind on the challenge. I have already had two successful weeks. I decided to list out all of my active projects and all of my half-baked unfinished projects. In an attempt to get to a level of focus and putting attention on the projects that get me the most excited about I just listed them all out. I always thought of myself as a person who was not productive and was not getting enough done. I never had a running list of all my project as hard as that is to believe. Seeing all of the different things that I have tried there was some great satisfaction. You can view that list here. So, the goal this week is to just figure out what is working and then sunsetting some things. You can have too many domains.